Life is fragile. Mankind, the human mind and body are unique, mysterious elements of our planet and the greater universe. Making images of nude bodies in nature is a way for me to experience and express this collective, timeless vulnerability and unknowingness.

What is art? Freedom? How does one truly enter a state of liberation? 

The mind is an interesting place, as is the body in space. My work is inspired by the unknown, oneness, rebirth, transformation of collective energy, and the innate human desire to achieve nirvana, enlightenment, or whatever word one may choose to define a mystical experience. We are all interconnected, and in order to achieve individual or societal solace, we must respect one another, and help those who are more imprisoned than ourselves. 

"You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners." – Dostoevsky

human nature

Humans are animals are nature, and the relationships cultivated with one another are constantly changing with the stream of life. Subjective experiences and understandings of words define conception. The way that humans categorize themselves, primarily as a superior species, yields a shallow respect and relationship with planet earth. We must move beyond the damaging part of the ego and learn to sit, think, contemplate, hypothesize, and realize the unknown nature of the universe.  


"... The human experience is infinitely vast, as is the wisdom buried in every crevice of the natural world."    -  Kim Krans [The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Guidebook]


*All photographs are taken by Elsa Marie Keefe, edited in camera RAW & photoshop, including composites, some containing two or more layers. The images are captured with a digital camera, in nature, all over the world. Some of the images are self-portraits, while others include people who enter my life with a similar vision for existence and the shared human experience. The intention behind the "natural" setting, lighting, and nude human figure, free of any modern day material items, is to create a timeless, sublime visual experience; to move the mind beyond the material plane, suggesting a surreal reality between realms, worlds, words, ideals, or ideas of reality [heaven and earth].



*All images are exclusive property of Elsa Marie Keefe /// born - October 9, 1990



Eternal Summer / July 2018 / One Art Space, NYC

Hostel Fish, multiple shows / April - July 2018 / Denver, Colorado

CPAC (Colorado Photographic Arts Center) Annual Members Exhibition / June - July 2018 / 'mortal danger'

el javi music performance collaboration / June 14, 2018 / video projection behind live performance by EL JAVI at Ophelia's in downtown Denver, CO

The Human Collective / March 23, 2018 / video projection behind DJ set for @nicoledesoul @ftgreenebar w/ music by @kiddg3nius & event production by @brogthepredator

"She Is" / March 16, 2018 / One Art Space, TriBeCa NYC

Colorado Vibes / March 16, 2018 / Spectra Art Space, S. Broadway, Denver, CO

RAW DENVER / November 2017 / The Church, Denver, CO

Transformental / October 2015 / performance art, video, live music, dance, moving meditation 

Freedom / September 2015 / video - short film - large projection in public art space near Times Square - chashama 


locations / venues

New York City  

  • One Art Space

  • Chashama (see "Transformental" and "Freedom" for links above under 'Exhibitions')


  • CPAC

  • Ophelias

  • Spectra

  • Hostel Fish

  • The Church Nightclub

Miami - Art Basel, Lemon City Studios (collaboration with Eddy Bogaert, see 'collaborations') 




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