Elsa Marie Keefe is an artist based in New York City. Her work is primarily focused around the human body and nature. Through both photography and mixed media, she transmits a message of transcendence and universal beauty. “All bodies and all things of nature are beautiful. Humans are animals are sentient beings. We are the earth.” Elsa takes nude photographs of herself and others in nature, in places void of manmade objects. She also collects trees, rocks, bones and other objects from the land and sea that she places on canvas with resin. The intention behind the art is to remind us that we are all one, interconnected, and a part of mother earth. Performance art is another medium that she is utilizes as of late, promoting public nudity, hoping that we may all become more comfortable with the human body. Holistic wellness, spirituality, and healing are the backbone for her lifestyle and central components to her process and vision.

- @justnakednyc


“Why do I shoot nudes? Because the human body is so powerful and magical… it is the most unique and strong instrument that we will ever own, therefore we must treat it with more care and respect than anything else in the world. We must learn to honor our bodies, fellow human beings, animals and the earth. We are all one. The nude body is a primal truth.” - elsa


"You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners." – Dostoevsky



Las Laguna Gallery- ‘Captured’ / October 2019 / Photograph - eternal transcendence, Laguna Beach, CA

House of Yes - ‘Foreplay’ / July 2019 / Performance Art w/ La Reine the Thrill, House of Yes, Brooklyn, NY

Soho House - ‘House of Wonders’ / July 2019 / Performance Art w/ La Reine the Thrill, Soho Meatpacking, NY

Artists & Fleas / July 2019 / Artists & Fleas, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Pinks / May / June 2019 / Tuesday Nights by Eddy Bogaert, LES, NYC

The Other Art Fair by Saatchi / May 2019 / The Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn, NY

Born Wild, solo show / April 2019 / Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Peoples Choice Awards / March 2019 / Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

She Is / March 2019 / One Art Space, NYC

Conception / February 2019 / M1-5 Lounge, NYC

ARTIFACTS / December 2018 / One Art Space, NYC

Ophelias / 2018 / Denver, CO (large-scale nude art film video projection behind live performance by EL JAVI)

Eternal Summer / July 2018 / One Art Space, NYC

Hostel Fish, multiple shows / April - July 2018 / Denver, Colorado

CPAC (Colorado Photographic Arts Center) Annual Members Exhibition / June - July 2018 / 'mortal danger'

The Human Collective / March 23, 2018 / video projection behind DJ set for @nicoledesoul @ftgreenebar w/ music by @kiddg3nius & event production by @brogthepredator

"She Is" / March 16, 2018 / One Art Space, TriBeCa NYC

Colorado Vibes / March 16, 2018 / Spectra Art Space, S. Broadway, Denver, CO

RAW DENVER / November 2017 / The Church, Denver, CO

Transformental / October 2015 / performance art, video, live music, dance, moving meditation 

Freedom / September 2015 / video - short film - large projection in public art space near Times Square - chashama 


locations / venues

New York City  

  • Brooklyn Expo Center

  • Greenpoint Gallery

  • M1-5 Lounge

  • One Art Space

  • Chashama (see "Transformental" and "Freedom" for links above under 'Exhibitions')


  • CPAC

  • Ophelias

  • Spectra

  • Hostel Fish

  • The Church Nightclub

Miami - Art Basel, Lemon City Studios (collaboration with Eddy Bogaert, see 'collaborations') 


  • Las Lagunas Gallery



RAW Artist Profile



the human collective


Golden Goddess - Performance Art w/ La Reine the Thrill









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